Welcome to Weeks 24/7!  A site that captures all parts of my life…from my obsession with HR and helping companies grow (HR Nerd) to my passion for helping people find what really makes them want to get up and go to work (Find Your Passion) to my personal journey of embracing who I am  (This is the New 40).

This is the very beginning so stay tuned as I bring all of this to life!

A little more about me…


New Englander born and raised….which means I am a big Boston sports fan (apologies to my second home NY!)

Some of my proudest personal roles include Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Wife, Mama to furry babies and friend (family is not just about blood!)

Former Stage Manager (proud Elon Alum), Hollywood deserter (not for us!) and now HR leader for the last 15+ years (and proud Villanova alum)

Recently discovered a love for running, hiking and other physical challenges; going to see live music; exploring new things; pushing myself outside of my comfort zone; writing and storytelling, and taking the time to enjoy quiet and be present with those I love (including myself!)

Oh, and I just wrote my first book, Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation !  You can check it out on Amazon in paperback or Kindle (though since it’s a workbook, I personally think paperback is more effective).

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