Fifteen plus years ago I left my career in theatre and found a path towards HR. I realized my passions were creating a shared experience for a group of people (long before employee experience was a term!) and helping people find success in their careers (if I could it do actors, surely I could do it for other professionals). Along the way I have helped create and scale cultures, advised teams through growth and change, develop leaders and managers and partnered with individuals to help them find their passion. And while it is not about the recognition, I am proud that the companies I have worked for have won Best Places to Work awards year over year and in March 2020, I was included in the Crain’s New York Business Notable Women in Talent edition!

I also learned that I can’t separate my work self from my home self. I am a whole person and my love of adventure, friends and family, the importance of wellness and the goal to push myself outside of my comfort zone is what drives me every day, both in my career and in my personal life. I am a wife, mother to furry babies, aunt, friend (because family is not just by blood), Boston sports fan, native New Englander, Elon & Villanova alum and an HR nerd who loves what I do.

I hope this site helps you on your journey. If you have questions, want advice or if I can help you with your company, team or individual career, let’s connect!