Turning a Tough Conversation into a Productive One (repost)

It’s the beginning of the year, which for many people means some sort of annual performance appraisal.  These look different for everyone these days; some are more traditional, some are focused on goal attainment, some are focused on future development.  And then there are those companies that just review the feedback collected through the yearContinue reading “Turning a Tough Conversation into a Productive One (repost)”

Developing Your Employees On the Job (aka For Zero or Little Money) (repost)

One of the most popular posts I have had was about low cost team building ideas (Team Building That Is Fun, Easy & Cheap…No Really, It’s True) I thought I would do a similar topic again, but this time around developing people on your team.  Development doesn’t have to mean a promotion.  It doesn’t haveContinue reading “Developing Your Employees On the Job (aka For Zero or Little Money) (repost)”

Seven Stages of Change (repost)

I was recently reading an article about the seven stages of grief (based on the model created by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) and I realized they correlated directly with change management in an organization.  Because at the end of the day, when people are hearing about change, often they are mourning the loss of “how things usedContinue reading “Seven Stages of Change (repost)”

Create an Open Concept for your Development & Knock Down those Walls (repost)

I love HGTV and DIY networks.  Specifically, I’m a HUGE fan of the Property Brothers. They are charismatic and can really teach a lot about how to think rationally about your home instead of some of those shows where you know no one can afford or keep up once the TV crew leaves. Why amContinue reading “Create an Open Concept for your Development & Knock Down those Walls (repost)”

Focusing your Development Goals so You Don’t Crash (repost)

Pop quiz hot shot:  Do you have a notebook next to your bed, in your bag, at your desk, etc where you write down random goals and ideas 24/7?  Or in today’s world, an e-list on your mobile device? If the answer is yes, you need help bringing that all in to focus and getContinue reading “Focusing your Development Goals so You Don’t Crash (repost)”

Team Building That Is Fun, Easy & Cheap…No Really, It’s True (repost)

So often people think a “team building” exercise either has to be cheesey (I know everyone has done a trust fall at some team outing).  Or they think it has to take a lot of time outside of daily work (cooking classes are fun but timely and expensive).  Or they have to include food &Continue reading “Team Building That Is Fun, Easy & Cheap…No Really, It’s True (repost)”

Chumbawamba Had It Right…Well Sort Of (repost)

“I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You’re never gonna keep me down.”  I couldn’t have said it better Chumbawamba (a band from the late 90’s).  Now that song goes on to not be as relevant, but I’m going to ignore that and just focus on this opening part 🙂 Bernard Marr (aContinue reading “Chumbawamba Had It Right…Well Sort Of (repost)”

Successfully Bringing HR In-House (repost)

I personally find it really exciting when I am one of the first HR hires for a growing company.  But it’s definitely not always easy, especially with competing business priorities and everyone having a different experience with HR in past companies.  Below are four things to consider when bringing HR (or being that HR person)Continue reading “Successfully Bringing HR In-House (repost)”

Identifying Your Unique Skill Set

In the latest episode of “Getting off the Hamster Wheel” our guest Julia Wuench shared that as part of her self-reflection to find a career that would fulfill her, she talked to people in her network about her skills, her strengths, and how she brought value to a team or an organization.  She was soContinue reading “Identifying Your Unique Skill Set”