Developing Your Team

Do you have a team that is struggling to work well together? Are you thinking about how to scale a team and the right structure moving forward? Maybe you have a good team and you want to make them great?  Throughout my years in HR, developing teams has been one of my main focus areas. Whether it is helping managers take the step from individual contributor to manager to leader, building team dynamics through personality profiles (no, not trust falls) or defining what a high-performing team looks like and identifying current gaps, I’ve seen it all.  Let’s connect and see how I can help!

You can also check out my new book, Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation on Amazon.  It is full of worksheets, guides, role plays for managers, individuals and HR Partners as they prepare to give or receive feedback!

When I first became a leader everything felt supersized. I was dwarfed and consumed by the day-to-day challenges of being a leader. They all felt bigger and more demanding than I thought I could handle. I had Karen on speed dial those days. Her perspective allowed me to right size my priorities. Her coaching empowered me tackle them with grace and precision. Karen played one of the biggest roles in shaping who I am as a leader today. – Head of Customer Success, E-Commerce Technology Company

I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone whose approach to developing others is so authentic, genuine, and selfless. Karen’s ultimate goal is to guide you to a more productive, balanced, and engaged self by focusing on your strengths. When she provides guidance it is incredibly believable and makes you want to take action. – Manager, Learning & Development, Healthcare Industry

Developing your People & Teams

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