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I love what I do, and so should you.  It’s important to figure out what energizes you so you wake up every day excited to go to work, versus counting the hours until it’s over! Let’s get you off that hamster wheel and find a role that will bring you joy, fulfillment and a sense of success! Reach out to me directly and we can find time for an introductory coaching session and go from there! In the meantime, below are some tools & advice that may help you start your journey. 

LATEST NEWS: Check out my brand new podcast, Getting off the Hamster Wheel, where I interview people who felt stuck in their careers and how they took a step back and figured out how to find their passion!

Working with Karen was a delightful, eye-opening, and informative experience. Her communication style is warm, friendly, and open-minded; she is an attentive listener which made it easy for me to express my career concerns and goals without hesitation. In working with Karen, I was able to establish concrete next steps in advancing my career while leveraging her as a reliable sounding board — providing me with guidance, clarity, and many nuggets of wisdom. I recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to make changes to their career or for anyone who may be struggling to put their career aspirations into SMART goals. – Product Manager, Ed Tech

Videos & Podcasts

Watch Enrique Rubio, from Hacking HR, and I discuss How to Land Your Ideal Job, including how to think about making a career change!

Never worked with a coach before? I recently joined Drinking Coffee with Coaches to talk about my approach to coaching and how I help people find their passion!

Balanced Integrations, January 2018 – How HR Can Help Others Balance Work and Their Life Passions (45 minutes)


Wheel of Life (find out where you spend your energy now versus where you want to spend your energy)

Life Satisfaction Scorecard (what is going well right now, what isn’t, what do you want to change the most, how ready are you to make changes)

Career Exploration Worksheet  (how to recognize what career might be right for you based on your passions and where you get your energy…also helpful if you are considering a change in career!)

Setting Goals (thought-provoking questions that will help you identify key goals you want to achieve in the short and long term)

Career Development Plan Template (ideally to be used with your manager, but a helpful way to start thinking about how to reach your short term career goals)

Preparing to Receive Feedback (as part of thinking about your career, it’s important to be open to feedback about your strengths and places where you can build your skills)


Pushing Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

I Never Thought of That as A Career

Three Tips for Navigating Your Career(specifically for Office Managers but applicable for anyone!)

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