Building Your Culture

I love helping companies build great cultures and strong teams that will achieve the vision and goals.  Below are both templates of some helpful worksheets and stories of what I have learned along the way and you can apply it to your organization.  Trying to think about how to do this at your organization?  Let’s connect and see how I can help!

You can also check out my new book, Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation on Amazon.  It is full of worksheets, guides, role plays for managers, individuals and HR Partners as they prepare to give or receive feedback!

Special COVID focused webinar – The Great Return, How/If/When Companies are Going Back to the Office, Sponsored by Uncubed (April 2020)

Karen can make what feels like an insurmountable human resources dilemma seem easy. Her passion for people management and depth of knowledge in the area of human resources shines through. She is my to-go person when faced with complex HR problems. She is able to ask searching questions to get the bottom of the issue and find solutions that will work both for my company and for my management style. – Program Manager, Healthcare Non-Profit

Building & Scaling Your Culture

Leaning into Your Company Values During Difficult Times

Identifying Perks that are Right for your Culture

Determining the Right Employee Experience (EX) for Your Team

Building a Strong Employee Survey

Common Struggles Leaders Encounter as You Scale Your Culture

Bring your values to life by coaching your leadership team on how to be role models


HR Leadership

Nailing Change Management

How HR adds Value and isn’t just HR for HR Sake

Scaling.NYC, April 2017 – HR’s Evolving Role in Growing Tech Companies (~15 minutes)

Scaling.NYC, March 2017 – Scaling Culture at High Growth Start-ups (~15 minutes)


Agile HR

Using Agile Practices to Help Teams During Change

Going Beyond the Survey to Improve Company Culture

Hacking HR: HR Innovation & Future of Work, March 4 2020 – The Agile Workplace (60 minutes)

Hacking HR: Leading HR in the New World of Work, September 2019 – Agility in HR (45 minutes)

Agile HR


Karen has been my “go to” gal on all things HR/People since the year we met. Her passion for this work is infectious and I love learning from her. She’s coached me through some of the most challenging moments in my career and helped zero in on the next right thing to do.   Her guidance has helped me recognize when my thinking is too tactical or not big picture enough, and I leave our talks with a boost in energy and confidence. She’s a true coach and thought partner and one hell of a credible activist for all things People!  – HR Leader, Insurance Brokerage

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