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I love helping companies build great cultures and strong teams that will achieve the vision and goals.  Below are both templates of some helpful worksheets and stories of what I have learned along the way and you can apply it to your organization.  Trying to think about how to do this at your organization?  Let’s connect and see how I can help!

You can also check out my new book, Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation on Amazon.  It is full of worksheets, guides, role plays for managers, individuals and HR Partners as they prepare to give or receive feedback!

Building & Scaling Your Culture

Determining the Right Employee Experience (EX) for Your Team

Common Struggles Leaders Encounter as You Scale Your Culture

Bring your values to life by coaching your leadership team on how to be role models


Developing your People & Teams

Finding Serenity During Change

How to Start a Career Leveling Framework for Your Organization

Setting the Stage: 3 Tips to Prepare for Any Feedback Conversation (Blog version)

How to Scale a Culture of Feedback

Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation (Amazon Paperback or Kindle)


HR Leadership

Nailing Change Management

How HR adds Value and isn’t just HR for HR Sake


Agile HR

Going Beyond the Survey to Improve Company Culture

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