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Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to share my stories and experiences about helping companies scale their culture and develop their teams during change.   Specifically, some key topics include:

  • Whiplash: The Truth Behind Change Management
  • It’s not about the cereal: How to scale your culture during fast growth
  • Setting the Stage – Coaching managers to give and receive feedback
  • More Than Words: Bringing your values to life in your organization
  • The Future of Work
    • Agile HR
    • Creative ways to build a strong employee experience for your organization
    • HR’s evolving role in organizations

Interested on having me join your upcoming event or podcast, you can contact me here.  Click on the links below for tickets for my upcoming events.  Or you can check out recordings of my recent talks or read some of my recent articles below!

Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation is now available on Amazon!!!   Check out my workbook that helps managers, individuals and HR Partners at any level prepare for feedback conversations.


Upcoming Events!

HR Transform, On Hold, Las Vegas – More details coming soon!

The Voice of HR (Caribbean HR Society Conference, On Hold, Jamaica – It’s Not About the Cereal

More 2020 events & podcast spots to be announced soon!  Stay safe everyone!


Videos & Webinars

Hacking HR: HR Innovation & Future of Work, March 4 2020 – The Agile Workplace (60 minutes)

Disrupt HR, February 12, 2020, Westchester, NY – Whiplash: The truth behind change management

Hacking HR: Leading HR in the New World of Work, September 2019 – Agility in HR (45 minutes)

GoCoach Webinar, August 2019  – Nailing Change Management: How to Drive Change Like a Leader (60 minutes)

DisruptHR, May 15, 2019, Long Island, NY – Whiplash, The Truth About Change Management (5 minutes)

HR Transform, March 27, 2019, Las Vegas – Emerging Technologies & The Impact on HR *VIDEO COMING SOON*

ThinkHuman & 15Five Webinar, February 2019 – How to Scale a Culture of Feedback (60 minutes)

DisruptHR NYC, December 2018 – More Than Words: Bringing your values to life in your organization (5 minutes)

Human Capital Institute (HCI) Webinar, July 2018 – Coaching Leaders & Their Teams to Demonstrate Your Company Values (60 minutes)

CloserIQ Panel, August 2017 – Performance Management & Feedback at High Growth Start-ups (~30 minutes)



Working with People, March 2020 – How Managers Should Prepare For Feedback Conversations (22 minutes)

Workplace Lab, January 2020 – Be the Change (25 minutes)

Money Savage, December 2019– The Value of Choice (20 minutes)

EX Podcast, November 2019 – How to Sustain your Culture in Times of Change (40 minutes)

Employee Cycle, February 2019 – Why HR Has to be More than HR (45 minutes)

Balanced Integrations, January 2018 – How HR Can Help Others Balance Work and Their Life Passions (45 minutes)

Scaling.NYC, April 2017 – HR’s Evolving Role in Growing Tech Companies (~15 minutes)

Scaling.NYC, March 2017 – Scaling Culture at High Growth Start-ups (~15 minutes)


Blogs & Articles

Managed by Q All Hands Blog, March 2019 – 3 Tips for Navigating a Career in Office Operations

LinkedIn Published Article (Featured), February 2019 – What HR Progressives and Baby Monkeys taught me about Empowerment

Managed by Q All Hands Blog, January 2019 – How Your Office Can Bring Your Values to Life

Managed by Q All Hands Blog, July 2018 – I Never Thought of That as a Career

Human Capital Institute, March 2018 – Three Tips for Breathing Life into Your Organization’s Values

Human Capital Institute, August 2017 – Four Actionable Tips to Create a Valuable Career Path for Your Team

BuiltinNYC, October 2016 – How to Shape a Great Company Culture

NYC SHRM, May 2016 – Providing Development Opportunities during Change

Arts Journal, May 2013 – Building Cultures of Innovation, Embracing Change & Becoming More Foxy


Past Events (contact me if you want to hear more about the event!)

EX Impact, February 2020, Orlando, FL – Chairing a two day conference focused on building strong employee experiences by hearing from the people that have actually done it, including moderating a panel on the benefits of employee engagement surveys and the partnership between People Ops & People Analytics.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization People Day, February 4, 2020, NYC – Panel on the the best ways to grow and scale your culture, especially during constant change

HR Shared Services Summit, October 21-24, 2019, Miami, FL – Applying Design Thinking to an HR Shared Services Model

EX Impact, September 30-October 2, 2019, San Diego, CA – How Ordergroove went Beyond the Typical Survey to Improve Company Culture

Peer 150 CHRO Institute, September 18, 2019, NYC – Coaching Leaders on Living Your Company Values

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